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The Curtis Home annually develops wants and needs which offer opportunities to our supporters for both "In-kind" and monetary support for capital items. Donating or sponsoring any of the following is encouraged and appreciated.

Elderly Program Gift Opportunities

Home for the Aged (Ladies Building)
Painting $4,500
Carpeting $4,000
Handicap Access $4,000
Curtains $4,000

St. Elizabeth Center Lounge
Chairs $2,000
Video Tape Recorder/Players $500
Stove $500
Refrigerator $600

Service Line $2,000
Hot Food Line $1,500
Stove $10,000

New Patio $10,000
Patio Furniture $2,500
Wheelchair Garden $4,000
Snow Blower $2,000

Neighborhood Assistance Program Gift Opportunities
The following qualify for gifts under the Neighborhood Assistance Program. Under this program businesses can donate toward one of the following and receive a direct tax credit for 60% of the gift and also qualify for the Federal Income Tax deduction as provided by law. Qualified programs include:

Elderly Program
Dementia Program $60,000
Handicap Accessible Vehicle $39,600
Furniture $16,000
House Care $12,000
Electric Hospital Bed $6,000
Table Linens for the Elderly $450
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